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Aiba Kompani sh.a was established in 1994 as an enterprise with the main direction of activity of the production of livestock food and since 1999 also the intensive growth of poultry for egg production. Aiba Kompani sh.a today has secured the position of leader in the egg production industry in Albania, not only thanks to today's achievements, but especially thanks to the path we have followed to get here.

O u r   H i s t o r y

Since 1994

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About Us

Aiba History

Aiba has started its activity in a layer housr with 32,000 hens for egg production and has grown and expanded following the method of constant and continuous improvement in every action - from advances in various process techniques to customer attitudes, as well as from the most basic management philosophies to the employment of a highly skilled workforce.

Today the company counts 450,000 hens in five layer houses established in Xhafzotaj-Durres and 150,000 hens in two layer houses in Vlore City.

Through the constant application of innovative ideas trying to best serve the demands and needs of customers, Aiba Kompani sh.a. has established an admirable path of continuous growth. In order to bring to the consumer table products as high quality and safe as possible, Aiba implements the Quality Management System, according to the requirements of the International Standard, UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 and the implementation of the requirements of the Food Safety System, HACCP, after certification in both of these systems in 2007.

Over the years, continuous investments have been made to improve the presence of this company's products in current markets in Albania and abroad. One of the challenges won was the entry of this company's egg product into European Union markets

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of our entire community by providing quality products and excellent service.

Our Objectives

We encourage practices that respect the environment and treat animals humanely. To offer quality products with nutritional value. Also to apply the latest technology to our benefit and do the best for our customers. Maintaining open communication within the company, with customers and with our partners has made customer trust in Aiba products a value added for the company and its tradition.

Our Vision

Creation of a large structure of human resources, technical and production capacities, investments made over the years to become the leading company in the Albanian economy, as well as a main protagonist in the entire Balkan region being an exporting company for solid eggs and liquid eggs for industries.

Did you know?

The strands of egg white that keep the yolk in the centre of the thick white are called chalazae. The more prominent it is, the fresher the egg.


There are three types of eggs you can find on Aiba supermarket shelves: Omega 3, Magic Egg, Golden Egg.

Our egg variety gives you and your family the opportunity to choose without compromising quality.

Guaranteed Quality.

Aiba possesses the ISO 9001: 2000 quality certificate, guaranteeing the customer for our products.

Certifikata e Cilësisë ISO 9001:2000
RINA Certificate
Omega 3

P r o d u c t s

Lexo më shumë
Aiba company

"aiba" eggs

Aiba's final product is poultry eggs, for human consumption and industrial processing. Egg production is a biological process, which is realized through the breeding of chickens for eggs, food security, provision of all necessary technical conditions, in accordance with the breed, age, level of production, etc. The composition of chicken feed contains cereals such as: corn, wheat, sunflower (or sunflower seeds), soybeans, sorghum; various vitamins; methionine, lysine, phosphate, calcium carbonate, pigment, etc. The average egg size, its external color, the level of productivity, the amount of food consumed to produce a solid egg, when all other factors remain unchanged, depend on the breed of chicken used. The breed used by Aiba is Lohman LSL CLASSIC WHITE.

The final egg product is one of the most complete and economical foods, known for its excellent nutritional value, due to the high content of essential nutrients such as: minerals, vitamins and proteins.

Egg is recommended for consumption by all ages of the population also because of its healing abilities.

O u r   E g g s

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Aiba egg

why the egg produced by aiba poultry is the best in the Albanian market?

It has been scientifically proven that chickens fed a balanced diet with proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins transmit to the eggs not only the beauty and firmness of the shell but also an increased part of the vitamins included in the food ration. Nabenr (1993) and Leeson & Summers (2006), analyzing the nutritional factors, conclude that the content of vitamins in food is the main factor influencing their content in eggs. The opposite happens when food rations are poor. The amount of vitamins in food affects their content in eggs. But in particular Vitamin B12 and vitamin K are fully capable of achieving maximum egg enrichment to support 100% the recommended daily amount of consumption for humans. Enrichment with other vitamins is variable, while for vitamins D3 and E, there is a 3-fold increase in their content in eggs. Based on these scientific data, AIBA company meets all the requirements in nutrients and added vitamins (Vitamin B12, vitamin K, vitamin B9, vitamin E, Biotine, etc.) of food rations which are used in poultry nutrition. This is exactly why the eggs produced by this company have a higher nutritional value than the eggs produced by other livestock businesses.

Magic Egg


A revolutionary concept that brings added value.


Enjoy Aiba eggs with vitamins A, D & E and collect packages MAGIC EGGS.


Children can use them to create large structures such as castles, towers or bridges with Magic Egg packaging. The possibilities are endless!


Easily stored, even the largest castles can be packed into a closet in just a few minutes. Just separate and place the packages on top of each other..


Once creation is complete, kids can let their imagination run wild perhaps by racing Formula 1! Collect and save Magic Egg packages because you will find fantastic challenges, prizes and gifts. The Magic Egg is the Egg of Magic.

test if the egg is fresh: place the egg in a bowl of water. if it sinks, it is cool. if it stays above the water, throw it in the bin.
Did you know?

If you boil an egg that’s 10–14 days old, it will peel easier than one that’s just been laid.


L a y e r   h o u s e s

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Caged Eggs
Free range eggs
Did you know?

If you boil an egg that’s 10–14 days old, it will peel easier than one that’s just been laid.


L i q u i d     e g g s

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Liquid eggs


AIBA Company is a Joint Stock Company which since 1994 operates in the Albanian market in the field of production and marketing of Eggs, Livestock Food and Organic Fertilizer. During this period AIBA has managed to occupy a dominant position in the market becoming a key factor in setting quality standards for its products.

During 2018, based on market observations and studies, Aiba Company decided to take important steps towards expanding its activity and increasing the base of Customers who use our products. One of these projects is the Liquid Egg Project.

Liquid Egg is a new product on the market and originally conceived for industrial use. This feature will make AIBA the first Albanian company to adapt the product based on industry demand.

figures & facts
  • 500,000 hens
  • 100 million eggs a year
  • 150,000 birds
  • 600 employees
  • 1.5 million € investment
  • 4,000 m² space warehouse & factory
  • magazine & factory
  • Why Aiba ?!

    AIBA has the advantage of 27 years of experience in egg production and packaging. Over the years the company has ensured to close its entire production cycle:

    • - from the import of organic raw materials and from suppliers certified for quality
    • - production of livestock feed in its food factory
    • - raising small birds 1 day
    • - production and packaging of the product by means of the most innovative automated systems to provide maximum safety and quality of the product.
    • - accredited laboratory (in-house) for the control of the whole chain for bacterial load of harmful type for humans (salmonella, e coli, etc.), for toxins, nutritional value, etc.
  • Why Aiba ?! - Livestock Food Factory

    Our livestock feed factory built by Mulmix company produces over 2000 tons of livestock feed per month.

    It is certified with ISO, HACCP standards.

  • Why Aiba ?! – Birds plant

    Our bird breeding facility has a maximum capacity of 150 thousand birds. The entire facility is automated in terms of bird food and management.

    Birds are subjected to a vaccination scheme that covers all bird diseases that can affect egg quality and bird health: birds are vaccinated against the most common diseases that affect the respiratory, digestive and skeletal systems.

  • Why Aiba ?! - Egg production

    AIBA has two egg production layer houses where the birds after spending 25 weeks growing in the bird facility are transferred to start production.

    • - A layer house with a carrying capacity of 350 thousand hens is located in Durres and the other layer house is located in Vlora with a carrying capacity of 140 thousand hens.
    • - Here already grown birds are transferred to start production. The system of collection, selection and packaging of eggs is fully automated by the Italian company “Simetek” thus guaranteeing food safety and product quality.
    • AIBA has been serving the domestic market of fresh and quality eggs for over 27 years and for over 15 years it has gained the right to export eggs to the European Union.
  • Why Aiba ?! - Technology

    Adhering to the uncompromising quality protection mentality, AIBA chose to invest in the liquid egg in partnership with the most internationally renowned company for automation and quality of egg collection, selection and processing machinery: Pelbo.

    Under the advice of Pelbo, AIBA invested in a plant with machinery composed entirely of food stainless steel with the latest innovations in:

    • a. Breaking and separating albumin from egg yolk with a capacity of over 25,000 grains per hour.
    • b. Liquid filtration with special stainless steel filters with self-cleaning.
    • c. The latest type of Ovolution 1300 pasteurizer from Pelbo with a pasteurization capacity of 1300 ltr per hour.
    • d.Homogenization by the cavitation process and not by the conventional pressure method, so that the egg retains its biochemical properties but at the same time is cleansed of harmful bacterial loads such as Salmonella and E Coli.
  • Why Aiba ?! – The breaking process

    In this process, the eggs are loaded on the carpet of the machine and after breaking, the process of separating the liquid and solid part of the egg continues. Further the Machinery offers the possibility of separating the white part from the Egg Yolk.

    Procesi i Thyerjes
  • Why Aiba ?! - Pasteurization process

    After the completion of the breaking process the egg automatically goes to the Pasteurization Plant (which processes up to 1300 lt / hour), to complete the production process.

    Procesi i Pasterizimit
  • Why Aiba ?! - Storage & Packaging process

    After the Pasteurization Process, the Liquid Egg is automatically loaded in a Cooling Deposit of 1,600 ltr, where it is ready for trade.

    Procesi i Ruajtjes & Ambalazhimit
  • Why Aiba ?! - Functional Advantages


    • - eggs obtained from 100% eggs in shell
    • - food security guaranteed through the pasteurization process
    • - free from salmonella


    • - eliminates fractures
    • - eliminates peels
    • - eliminates impurities
    • - ready to use, without the possibility of disassembly
    • - Ease of storage


    • - competitive cost versus eggshell
    • - reduction of operating costs (workers, time, etc.)
    • - reduction of product loss
    • - reduction of workspaces
    • - controlled dosing for planning different recipes and their cost


    • - AT TEMPERATURE FROM 0 ° C - 4 ° C
  • Why Aiba ?! - Partnership Advantages

    AIBA Group for almost 20 years owns the exclusivity of selling products of the well-known brand Divella for Albania.

    Divella is one of the largest consumers of liquid eggs with respectively 150 Tons consumed every month to produce fresh pasta and biscuits.

  • Why Aiba ?! - Packaging & Design
    Paketime & Dizajn
  • Why Aiba ?! - Refrigerating van
    Makina Frigoriferike
  • Why Aiba ?! - Expert Staff

s e r v i c e s

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veterinary-zootechnical consultancy

In addition to trading livestock food, this company offers its customers transportation even in cases when the goods are bought near the food factory and in cases when the goods are bought by customers in the districts.

  • - Food control, analysis for moisture, ash, fiber, protein, fat;
  • - Control of raw materials entering the enterprise;
  • - Qualitative analysis of the egg (intensity of yolk, PH);
  • - Bacteriological analysis (various detailed controls for the egg, internal organs of the bird, food, environment, water, fat, manure, raw materials and food control for metals) to determine the bacteria, if any, its typification as well as determining the type of their treatment.
  • - Analysis for wine (PH, general acidity, alcoholic degrees, etc.).