Super fresh eggs

from happy chickens.

more than 25 years of experience in this field

fresh eggs from happy chickens.

Aiba company owns the largest poultry in Albania for egg production with 500,000 chickens and an average annual production of 110 million hens. Founded in 1994, Aiba has gained experience and reputation in terms of quality and safety.

The secret of success on our journey is our dedication to giving you back the trust you have given us for over 2 decades because we were born with you.

Aiba, The Egg of a Life

O u r   H i s t o r y

Since 1994

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About Us

Aiba History

The “Duka Brothers” Venture Dynasty

Every dynasty or "empire" starts from a small, seemingly insignificant situation or act. With the courage and will inherited between the generations, the two brothers Agron and Armand Duka embarked on a journey into the business world in 1990 by opening a coffee bar in their hometown of Shijak, and with the proceeds from this activity provided capital for trading. then of various household appliances such as "Beko", chocolates "Hilal", car trade, etc.

Four years later, on March 10, 1994, together with two other partners, they founded the company "Aiba" with the object of activity, production and trade of livestock feed for existing poultry and small pig farms in Tirana, Kavaja, Elbasan, Lushnje. For this purpose, the Duka brothers privatized the former livestock food factory (FUB) located in the Shkozet area. A few months later in the warehouses of this factory would be initiated with the same desire a new initiative and innovation for Albania of those times, the exclusivity of trade and service of "Scania" vehicles.

Under the impetus of the free initiative that had suffered an "explosion" in Albania, also in 1994, the shareholders of "Aiba" decided to invest in a poultry with 5,000 hens since they had already stabilized livestock food in the market.

Sacrifice and experience increased proportionately, the challenges already for the company "Aiba" knew no bounds. In the mid-1990s, agreements would be reached with well-known international companies such as "Divella" in 1995 and "Ariston" in 1996 for the exclusive marketing of their products in the Albanian territory.

In 1999, the sole shareholders of the Aiba conglomerate decided to invest in poultry expansion by cooperating with the leading company in the construction and assembly of modern poultry "Facco" by expanding it significantly and turning the company "Aiba" into one of the most important factors in the egg industry, where nowadays has secured the position of leader in the egg production industry in Albania and livestock food, counting 500,000 chickens, 110 million grains average annual production, 4,000m² premises production, storage.

In 2010 in the continuation of the expansion of activity and investments within the production industry by setting up the first organic fertilizer factory, the first of its kind for a poultry which processes its waste by turning it into organic fertilizer for agricultural farms.

During 2019, the company "Aiba" extended its activity with the line of pasteurized liquid eggs, an investment worth 1 million euros and with a "business to business" orientation. This investment has marked a new era for the company "Aiba" where its size has already exceeded the borders of Albania.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of our entire community by providing quality products and excellent service.

Our Objectives

We encourage practices that respect the environment and treat animals humanely. To offer quality products with nutritional value. Also to apply the latest technology to our benefit and do the best for our customers. Maintaining open communication within the company, with customers and with our partners has made customer trust in Aiba products a value added for the company and its tradition.

Our Vision

Creation of a large structure of human resources, technical and production capacities, investments made over the years to become the leading company in the Albanian economy, as well as a main protagonist in the entire Balkan region being an exporting company for solid eggs and liquid eggs for industries.

Did you know?

The strands of egg white that keep the yolk in the centre of the thick white are called chalazae. The more prominent it is, the fresher the egg.


There are three types of eggs you can find on Aiba supermarket shelves: Omega 3, Magic Egg, Golden Egg.

Our egg variety gives you and your family the opportunity to choose without compromising quality.

Guaranteed Quality.

Aiba possesses the ISO 9001: 2000 quality certificate, guaranteeing the customer for our products.

Certifikata e Cilësisë ISO 9001:2000
RINA Certificate
Omega 3

P r o d u c t s

Lexo më shumë
Aiba company

aiba eggs

Aiba's final product is poultry eggs, for human consumption and industrial processing. Egg production is a biological process, which is realized through the breeding of chickens for eggs, food security, providing all the necessary technical conditions, in accordance with the breed, age, level of production, etc.

The AIBA egg has the advantage of 20 years of experience in egg production and packaging. The company over the years has ensured to close its entire production cycle:

- from the import of organic raw materials and from certified quality suppliers
- production of livestock feed in its food factory
- raising small birds 1 day
- production and packaging of the product by means of the most innovative automated systems to provide maximum safety and quality of the product.
- accredited laboratory (in-house) for the control of the whole chain for bacterial load of harmful type for humans (salmonella, coli, etc.), for toxins, nutritional value, etc.

O u r   E g g s

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Aiba egg

why the egg produced by aiba poultry is the best in the Albanian market?

It has been scientifically proven that chickens fed a balanced diet with proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins transmit to the eggs not only the beauty and firmness of the shell but also an increased part of the vitamins included in the food ration.

Nabenr (1993) and Leeson & Summers (2006), analyzing the nutritional factors, conclude that the content of vitamins in food is the main factor influencing their content in eggs. The opposite happens when food rations are poor.

The amount of vitamins in food affects their content in eggs. But in particular Vitamin B12 and vitamin K are fully capable of achieving maximum egg enrichment to support 100% the recommended daily amount of consumption for humans. Enrichment with other vitamins is variable, while for vitamins D3 and E, there is a 3-fold increase in their content in eggs.

Magic Egg


A revolutionary concept that brings added value.


Enjoy Aiba eggs with vitamins A, D & E and collect packages MAGIC EGGS.


Children can use them to create large structures such as castles, towers or bridges with Magic Egg packaging. The possibilities are endless!


Easily stored, even the largest castles can be packed into a closet in just a few minutes. Just separate and place the packages on top of each other..


Once creation is complete, kids can let their imagination run wild perhaps by racing Formula 1! Collect and save Magic Egg packages because you will find fantastic challenges, prizes and gifts. The Magic Egg is the Egg of Magic.

test if the egg is fresh: place the egg in a bowl of water. if it sinks, it is cool. if it stays above the water, throw it in the bin.
Did you know?

If you boil an egg that’s 10–14 days old, it will peel easier than one that’s just been laid.

Caged Eggs
Free range eggs
Did you know?

If you boil an egg that’s 10–14 days old, it will peel easier than one that’s just been laid.


L i q u i d     e g g s

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Liquid eggs


During 2018, based on market observations and studies, the Aiba company decided to take important steps towards expanding its activity and increasing the customer base who use its products. One of these projects is the Liquid Egg project./p>

Liquid Egg is a new product on the market and originally conceived for industrial use (B2B). This feature will make AIBA the first Albanian company to adapt the product based on industry demand.

Aiba Liquid Egg is a fresh egg juice obtained exclusively from chicken eggs, homogenized, pasteurized and packaged in hygienic conditions and does not contain preservatives.

Advantages in use:
  • Eliminates fractures
  • Eliminates peels
  • Eliminates impurities
  • Ready to use, no disassembly option
  • Ease of storage
Economic advantages:
  • Competitive cost versus eggshell
  • Reduction of operating costs (labor, time, etc.)
  • Reduce product loss
  • Reduction of work surfaces
  • Controlled dosage for planning different recipes and their cost