About Us

Aiba Company sh. a ,created since 1994 , is a business company with main activity the production of animal food and from 1999 the intensive growth of poultry for egg production. This company , today has a leading role in the egg production industry in Albania , not only due to today's achievements but also due to the road proceeded till now.

Aiba Company sh. a has firstly started its activity with a container of 32.000 chickens for egg production and has been expanded since then , following improved methods constantly and systematically in every direction - starting from the usage of improving techniques on various processes to its attitude versus the costumers and directed by the basis philosophies of management and human resources.

Today this company has a number of 330.000 chickens of poultry production that are breed in five containers and 150.000 chicks that are breed in two containers.

Through its constant application of innovative ideas this company tries to serve to the needs of its costumers according to their expectations. Always trying to bring to the customer's table the most reliable and qualitative products , Aiba Company sh. a implements the System of Quality Management , according to the international standards of UNI EN ISO 9001 : 2008 and the implementation of the requirements of the System HACCP ,after its certification in these two systems in 2007.

Through the years have been made essential investments in order to improve the presence of the company products in the actual markets in Albania and abroad. One of Aiba' s greatest challenge is the inclusion of the main product eggs in the EU markets.