Veterinary and zoo technical consulting.

Aiba Company sh. a , except from the trading of animal food , offers to its clients the transportation in cases when the goods are purchased in the fabric of animal food near AIBA and even in cases when the goods are purchased by clients located in other localities.

Aiba Company sh. a also provides professional consulting through its own laboratory where are executed these kind of analysis and services :

  • Analysis of food , moisture analysis , ash , fibers , proteins and fat.
  • Control of the raw material that enters the company.
  • Qualitative analysis of egg ( the intensity of the yellow ,PH) .
  • Bacteriological analysis ( different detailed controls about egg, intern organs of the birds , food , environment, water , fat, organic fertilizer, raw material and also the control of food for the presence of metals ) to determine the presence of bacteria , the determination of their type and their way of treatment.
  • Analysis about wine (PH, general acidity , alcoholic scale etc)