The final product of the company that fulfills its goals its definitely eggs for human and industry consumption, the production of which is a biological process , that is fulfilled through the breeding of the poultry chickens, food supply, assurance of the needed techniques , in accordance with the breed , age , level of productivity etc. The composition of the chicken's food includes cereals such as : maize, wheat , sunflower beans, soya bean , sorgum etc; different vitamins ; methionine , lysine . phosphate , calcium carbonate , pigments etc. The egg size , its external color , level of productivity, quantity of food consumption to produce an egg when all the other elements remain in status quo, depend on the used poultry breed. The breed used mostly by Aiba is LOHMANN LSL CLASSIC WHITE.

The final product eggs is one of the most completed and economic food, known for its great alimentary values, cause of its larger composition of : minerals, vitamins and proteins.

Egg is recommended for general consumption from all ages for its curative values also.