Super Nutrition

Aiba Company sh. a is also specialized in producing animal food for livestock, this activity occupies nearly 40 % of the actual market of food for livestock. This process starts in the Aiba fabric of animal food , where the raw material is gathered and then prepared for all kinds of animals according to the required standards. The raw material is imported or is of Albanian origin and the suppliers are chosen according to the experience in the field and safety guaranty. Some of the raw material imported from abroad are described as below :

  • Premixes and microelements such as Ovored , Premix Layer + AVZ,Alb Revitproduttori, lysine etc ;
  • Raw material such as methionine , dicalcium phosphate , soy bean , soy oil, fish meal etc.
  • Beet beans , sunflower beans , maize , wheat etc ;
  • Animal gross , carbonate , salt etc.

Aiba Company sh. a also produces food for its own production section that means that the production is strictly linked with this activity. Some of animal categories Aiba produces food for are :

  • Pigs in all ages till the production phase ( piglets, calf pigs etc.)
  • Cows ( for breeds of such as Holstein etc );
  • Calf ;
  • Broilers ( meat chickens ) the food is given ad libidum ;
  • Chickens ( poultry production).

The production of animal food is also licensed and a registered trademark.