Birds & Chickens

images/stories/pula.jpgThe one day old chicks start the process of work in Aiba Company sh. a. In this critical phase , it is particularly given importance to the selection of the breeds from known, certificated and affirmed suppliers that have shown constant stability , being connected strictly with the final goal. After being accommodated into the containers the one day old chicks stay for a period of 120-130 days , begins the veterinary and sanitary care. In order to assure them a proper environment they are put into special conditions that fulfill proper technical parameters ,technology and according to the required standards

After the passage of the chicks in the production containers begins the egg production process .The construction of the containers is made accordingly to the European standards and also their allocation in cages. The chickens here are also put into intensive and periodical control in order to fulfill the hygiene and sanitary requirements such as the stabilization of the ventilation , lightning, moisture level and water temperature , water supply etc.

Aiba' s internal laboratory is an essential partner in the constant preventing control that assures the animal and product's safety and reliability