Organic Food - AIBIOS

AIBIOS is an organic food with high values , provided by the technology of processing animal fertilizer through natural and aerobic bio fermentation controlled by higher grade of humification.

AIBIOS is the only kind of fertilizer that provides to the agricultural processes the key elements of the production in the organic form (NPK).
These characteristics make possible the gradual exploitation from the roots , the improvement of the nutrient substances , the fulfillment of the most important needs for feeding plants and as a result the achievement of higher efficiency.

During the process of bio fermentation the temperatures appear to increase , making possible in this way the highest assurance for the fulfillment of hygiene and sanitary purposes through the total pasteurization of the product. AIBIOS contains these organic substances : nitrogen , phosphorus , potassium , magnesium and microelements , providing so the irreplaceable and nutritional values of the ORGANIC FOOD AIBIOS that affect in the improvement of earth's physical , chemical and biological qualities


The organic fertilizer AIBIOS is used in all types of land and for all cultures of cultivation , in fields and protected environments , fruit culture , viniculture etc. and all other cultures that have a vegetative and productive life for more than 3 - 4 months.

Effects on the biological qualities of the land

The usage of the organic food AIBIOS affects directly in the improvement of the combination of consisting elements of the land's structure , of porosity , capacity of water holding and scale of ventilation

The affect on biological qualities of the land

In 1 ton of AIBIOS there are 13 kg of useful micro organisms that do affect directly on the in the liveliness of the land. The high content of bio fermentation organic substances , makes possible the increase of active potassium in the land that affects directly In the increase of life , intensification of interaction of nitrification, ammonic bacteria and other biological micro organisms that decompose the synthesis of organic substances.

The affect on chemical qualities of land.

The usage of AIBIOS affects on the improvement of chemical qualities of the land increasing the suction capacity , assures the gradual embezzlement of nutritional substances , affects on the improvement of interaction of potassium and nitrogen, decreases the scale of rinse and the fixation of chemical elements in land , increases the efficiency of their usage

A.    AIBIOS - A high quality fertilizer:

- AIBIOS-  is presented as a fertilizer with a dark brown color, without odor or with a light fragrance.It’s characterized by a humidity around 20%.Physical structure of the manure is homogeneous
- Processed manure AIBIOS contains macroelements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in amounts of 4-6%,
- In the  processed manure occurs the  gradual breakdown of the ingredients (for example, nitrogen is mostly present in organic form).
- AIBIOS constitutes the best guarantee of sanitary hygienic character : the high temperatures reached during composting process to provide what some define as a kind of "pasteurization" of the product which leads to failure of infected seeds present in some cases or the different phytopathogens
- Is a product improvement, being rich in organic matter improves soil fertility;
- Having a high content of dry matter and consistent structure, AIBIOS-i can be easily              transported in long distances.
- AIBIOS-on can be stored in sacks or in clusters (when it’s bulk) and uncovered (in case of  temporary rain gets wet only the  surface layer, 15-30 cm)
- Improves the environment from pollution. Recent studies show that farming is one of the biggest polluters of the environment. Processed manure (in case we are considering is the poultry manure produced in  AIBA Company complex) contributes in improving the environment by preventing its contamination.

B. General characteristics of AIBIOS ;

From the agronomic view  AIBIOS is a perfect improvement component of the physical and chemical fertility of land and a host of important chemical elements for plant nutrition.

- Impact on soil physical qualities: improves and stabilizes soil structure, acting on porosity, ventilation degree and carryin water capacity. So it contributes in improving the balance between air, water and soil, creating optimal conditions for plant and animal life. It makes clay soils more porous and easily cultivable, while improving the carrying water  capacity of sandy soils
- Impact on chemical  soil qualities: it represents an important source of nutrient elements by  feeding plants gradually, increases soil absorption capacity, affects the regulation of the ratio C / N, decreases the rinse and the chemical elements fixation soil rate, at the same time increase the effectiveness of the use of ritual fertilizers.
- Impact on biological qualities of soil. Increases the amount of carbon on earth by creating a suitable environment for the development of microorganisms, intensifies nitrogen fixing,ammonia processes etc affecting the acceleration of biological cycles of disintegration and synthesis in favor of a better growth of vegetation.