Bio Wine “DUKA”

Bio Wine "Duka" appeared on the market with much fanfare. "When domestic and foreign customers who drink this wine and enjoy it in the main Tirana restaurants, write us through our e-mail address it makes us proud but it also increases our responsibility" –this declares the owner of this bio wine with the largest surface in Albania.

Location of the vineyard.

Vineyard "DUKA" lies in the hills of Ishmi, between forest and southern direction.Vineyard surface area is over 5 hectares and is besieged.There have been made all the investments that avoid soil erosion. Agricultural mechanics is sufficient to perform in time and quality agronomic work.

The vineyard is an agronomic and engineering work as well, with a beautiful visitable landscape from domestic and foreign tourists, suitable even for organizing rural day camps tourism.

Wine "Duka" is produced from bio grapes that fills the agro-environmental criteria that are required by this production system. The main criteria that has been applied is the use of a base material not harmful to human health, other living beings and the environment.

  1. The nutrition of the vine and the land was realised with organic fertilizer.There haven’t been used traditional chemical fertilizers.
  2. Protection of the vine and grape from diseases and pests was released with products registered for organic farming. For protection from vrugu disease there have been used preparations copper based,for protection from the disease of ash there have been used sulfur-based preparations. For protection from the Tenja insect there have been used substances that avoid the release of eggs from insects in the grape truss. These are called misleading pheromones from the Tenja butterflies brought from Switzerland.The Protection of the baked truss from hornets is made with pitfalls contains food liquids with sugar.This method has completely avoided the use of classical insecticides
  3. Watering vine is made with reservoir water isolated by the neighbor colander plots.The water reservoir is surrounded by the forest.
  4. Vineyard surrounding environment.The vineyard is surrounded by the forest and there is no possibility of contamination from dust and fumes.

The implementation of all practices mentioned is controlled by inspection bodies, which after being convinced for the correct application of production techniques generates relevant certificate "Bio" Certification is based on the standard of European Community. Wine "DUKA" is certified as wine coming from bio grape

Cultivars in vineyard Duka: Cabernet, Merlot, Tempranilo.

Very high value of raw materials, modern and professional techniques of wine production, packaging and labeling, meeting all those criteria that requires bio wines of high quality. If the customer could have the chance to visit this vineyard would taste even more the wine produced from the vineyard.Reliability is the taste itself. These wines fall into the category of strong wine, it is advisable to be accompanied with roasted meats and fish.

These wines are reviving to human health,for absorption of food,for the cardiac patients,helps in cleaning and beautifying the skin of the face etc.

Technical Data:

  • Place: Ishem, Durres
  • Production: Grapes for wine and produces for a fresh eating
  • Production Status: Grapes Bio
  • Production Time bio: Four years as a certified bio organic grape
  • Consulting Service: Biological Agriculture Institute, Durres
  • Certification bodies: Albinspekt Bio Wine “DUKA”


Cheers dear friend, you deserve to enjoy a wine like this!