"AIBA" eggs

The final product of the Company is poultry eggs, for human consumption and processing in industry.

Egg production is a biological process, which is realized through the breeding of chickens for eggs, food security, provision of all necessary technical conditions, in accordance with the breed, age, level of production, etc.

The average egg size, its external color, the level of productivity, the amount of food consumed to produce an egg grain, when all other factors remain unchanged, depend on the breed of chicken used. The breed used by Aiba is Lohman LSL CLASSIC WHITE.

Egg is recommended for consumption by all ages of the population also because of its healing abilities.

Veza Aiba

why the egg produced by aiba poultry is the best in the Albanian market?

If we were to emphasize the three main factors of success:

1. 27 years of experience and specialized human resources

2. Quality control and food safety through the internal laboratory

3. Innovation, passion and tradition.

Veza Aiba

Aiba Egg - Birds & Chickens

Aiba owns two production facilities. One plant consisting of 5 silos with packaging and storage environment is located in Xhafzotaj while the other plant consisting of two silos is located in the city of Vlora.

Aiba also has a poultry breeding facility, which is supplied with 1-day-old birds by two leading companies in Austria and the Netherlands.

The holding capacity of poultry sheds reaches 500,000 chickens while the bird breeding facility reaches a capacity of 150,000 birds.

Livestock Food Factory

Aiba Company, in addition to importing raw materials such as soybeans, corn, vitamins, oligominerals and amino acids from certified sources, also produces livestock feed for its needs initially as well as for commercial activity with third parties. The Livestock Food Factory has a production capacity of 12 tons / hour.

organic fertilizer - "aibios"

Aiba is the only farm in Albania which recycles all its organic waste to produce organic poultry manure. Aiba organic fertilizer is called "Aibios" and is produced by subjecting the glass to the aerobic process for close to 20 days.

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